John L. Comaroff


Citizenship:               United States of America
Birth:                          1 January, 1945; Cape Town, South Africa
Marital Status:         Married, two children



University of Cape Town, South Africa; B.A., 1966

University of London (London School of Economics), Ph.D., 1973


Current:         Hugh K. Foster Professor of African and African-American Studies and                         of Anthropology, and Oppenheimer Research Fellow in African                         Studies, Harvard University

1971-2            Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Department of Sociology and                         Anthropology, University College of Swansea, University of Wales

1972-8            Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Department of Social Anthropology,                         University of Manchester

1978               Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Chicago

1978-80          Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Social Sciences in the College,                        University of Chicago

1980-1            Associate Professor of Anthropology and Social Sciences in the College,                         University of Chicago

1981-2            Visiting Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of California,                         Riverside

1981-7            Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, and Chair,                         Committee on African Studies, University of Chicago

1987-94         Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago

1987-96         Professor of Anthropology and Social Sciences in the College, University of Chicago

1988               Directeur d’Études Associé, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Socia- les, Paris

1989               Visiting Professor, Duke University

1990-1            Visiting Fellow, American Bar Foundation

1991-2008     Senior Research Fellow, American Bar Foundation

1991-4            Chair, Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago

1994-5            Honorary Senior Fellow, International Centre for Contemporary Cultural Research, University of Manchester

1995               Directeur d’Études Associé, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Socia- les, Paris

1996-8            Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Manchester

1996–2012    Harold H. Swift Distinguished Service Professor of Anthropology and Social Sciences in the College, University of Chicago

1998              Visiting Scholar, Centre for Modern Oriental Studies, Berlin

1999-2000     Visiting Research Associate, University of the North West, South Africa

2000               Visiting Professor, Tel Aviv University

2003               Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University

2004–20         Honorary Professor, University of Cape Town

2004–2012    Faculty Fellow and co-founder, Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory

2005               Visiting Professor, University of Basel

2006               Fulbright Senior Specialist, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, Tel Aviv University, University of Haifa, Hebrew University, Ben- Gurion University, Israel

2007               Visiting Professor, University of Vienna

2008-2012     Research Professor, American Bar Foundation

2010               Visiting Fellow, Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (South Africa)

2010               Research Fellow, Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaf-ten (International Research Center for Cultural Studies; IFK), Vienna

2011               Visiting Fellow, Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (South Africa)

2012-22          Affiliated Research Professor, American Bar Foundation

2012               Professor of African and African-American Studies, Professor of Anthropology, and Oppenheimer Research Fellow in African Studies, Harvard University

2013-              Hugh K. Foster Professor of of African and African-American Studies and of Anthropology, and Oppenheimer Research Fellow in African Studies, Harvard University

2013-              Faculty Associate, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University

2017               Invited Research Fellow, Centre for Advanced Study, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters


Awards, Grants, Distinguished Lectures, Professional Recognition

 1965-6            University Scholarship for Merit, University of Cape Town (recurring)

1970-1            Esperanza Trust Grant (for writing doctoral dissertation), Royal Anthropological Institute, England

1974-6            Social Science Research Council [UK], grant HR 3011/1, The Formation of a New Political Order: the Barolong boo Ratshidi

1984-5            National Endowment for the Humanities [USA] grant, Class, Culture and the Rise of Capitalism in an African Chiefdom

1986-7            National Science Foundation grant [with Jean Comaroff], The Development of Religious Consciousness in South Africa

National Endowment for the Humanities grant [with Jean Comaroff], Christianity, Colonialism, and Black Consciousness in South Africa

1989               Chesley Lecturer, Carleton College

1991               Spencer Foundation grant [with Jean Comaroff] The Impact of Mission Education on Black Consciousness in South Africa

Messenger Lecturer, Cornell University

Keynote Lecture, African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madi- son, Conference on Ethnicity, Nationality, Polity: The Changing African Landscape

1993               Opening Address, Russian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Ethno- logy/U.S. National Academy of Sciences Committee on International Cooperation and Conflict), Moscow, Conference on Balancing and Sharing Political Power in Multiethnic Societies

 Dean’s Lecture, University of Calgary, “Multiculturalism and `Other’ Wor- lds: encyclopaedias, ecumenes, and critical eyes”

Plenary Lecture, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Rhodes University, South Africa, Conference on Ethnicity, Identity and Nationalism in South Africa

[with J. Comaroff] Laing Prize (awarded for the best book by a University of Chicago faculty member published by the University Press); for Of Revelation and Revolution, Volume I

[with J. Comaroff] American Bar Foundation and National Foundation grants for Resistance and Rebellion in Black South Africa, 1830-1920

1994               Keynote Lecture, 6th Annual Historical Studies Spring Conference, New School for Social Research, “The Discourse of Rights in Colonial South Africa

Book Feature in South African Historical Journal, 31, on Of Revelation and Revolution Volume I and Ethnography and the Historical Imagination

 1995               London School of Economics Centenary Lectures in Law and Society, “Legality, Modernity and Ethnicity in Colonial South Africa: An Excursion in the Historical Anthropology of Law”

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

1996               Journal of Anthropological Research Distinguished Lecture Spencer Mentor Network award to train doctoral students

1997               Keynote Address, University Continuing Education Association, 13th Annual Conference, New York University, on Planning Non-Western Education in a Multicultural Age

 Keynote Address, University of Michigan, Conference on Methodological Reflections on Culture and History, “Doing and Undoing Ethnography: A Reflection on Method, Mutants, and the Millennium”

Distinguished Lecture Series, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, “Theorizing Colonialism”

1998               Max Gluckman Memorial Lecture, University of Manchester (with Jean Comaroff), “Occult Economies and the Violence of Abstraction: Notes from the South African Postcolony”

K.H. Michael Creal Lecture in Religion and Practical Ethics, York University (Toronto)

Riesman Memorial Lecture, Carleton College (with Jean Comaroff)

American Ethnological Association Invited Session–“Authors Meet Critics: Reading Jean and John Comaroff’s Of Revelation and Revolution, II“.

American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, De- cember 1998

1999               Plenary Talk, Ben-Gurion University, Israel, Conference on Challenging the Nation State, “Paradoxes of the Postcolonial State: An Africanist



Bulletin for Contextual Theology, 5(1,2), on “Hegemony, Ideology and Social Construction: Special Focus on the Work of John and Jean Comaroff”

Plenary Address, University of the North West, South Africa, Conference on Transformations in Higher Education, “The Changing Nature of the University: A Global Perspective” (with Jean Comaroff)

2000               Munro Lecture, University of Edinburgh (with Jean Comaroff)

“2000 Years: Faith, Culture, and Identity in the Common Era” Lecture Series, St Andrews University (with Jean Comaroff)

Walker-Ames Lecture, University of Washington, Seattle (with Jean Comaroff)

Council of Editors of Learned Journals Prize for Best Special Issue of a Journal in 2000 awarded to Millenial Capitalism and the Culture of Neoliberalism in Public Culture, 2(2), (co-edited with Jean Comaroff)

2001               Keynote Address, Second Semi-Annual Workshop of the Transnational Studies Seminar, Department of Sociology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (with Jean Comaroff)

Jensen Memorial Lectures, Frobenius Institute, Johann W olfgang Goethe- Universität Frankfurt Am Main (with Jean Comaroff)

Closing Address, International Conference on Religion and Social Theory in a Changing World, University of Cape Town (with Jean Comaroff)

Address at the Launching of the New Program of Witwatersrand Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (with Jean Comaroff)

Mini-Symposium, The Comaroffs on Nature and Personhood, published by Social Identities, 7(2):233-284

2002               Plenary Lecture, Society for Comparative Research, Annual Graduate Student Workshop, Central European University, Budapest

Llewellyn John and Harriet Manchester Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, University of Chicago


History Colloquium Annual Lecture, Southwestern University (with Jean Comaroff)

Stiftungsgastprofesseur Wissenschaft und Gessellschaft der Deutschen Bank AG, Lecture, Johann Wolfang Goethe University of Frankfurt (with Jean Comaroff)

Public Lecture, Zuid-Afrika Week, University of Leiden

2003               Moderator, Symposium on the Future of Critical Inquiry, University of Chicago

American Historical Review, 108 (2):434-78, April 2003, “Review Essays: Colonialism and the Possibilities of Historical Anthropology,” devoted to the recent work of John and Jean Comaroff

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, Fellow’s Pre- sentation Series Lecture

2004               [with J. Comaroff] American Bar Foundation grant for Popular Justice, Communal Violence, and Alternative Policing in the New South Africa: the politics of order in a Brave Neo World


[with J. Comaroff] Monica Wilson Memorial Lecture, University of Cape Town

[with J. Comaroff] Establishment of the Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory, University of Chicago

Invited Lecture, Max-Planck Institute for Social Anthropology/ Martin-

Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg University, Halle, Germany

[with J. Comaroff] Inaugural Lecture, Institute for the Study of Race and Social Thought, Temple University

2005               National Endowment for the Humanities Distinguished Visiting Scholar for 2004-5, Rice University Center for the Study of Cultures

[with J. Comaroff] Keynote Address, Conference on Fetishizing the Free Market: The Cultural Politics of Neoliberalism, Unit for Criticism and Inter- pretive Theory, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

[with J. Comaroff] Carl Schlettwein Lecture 2005, Zentrum für Afrikastu- dien Basel, University of Basel


[with J. Comaroff] National Science Foundation Grant Popular Justice, Communal Violence, and Alternative Policing in the New South Africa: the politics of order in a Brave Neo World


2006               Anniversary Lecture, Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of the Witwatersrand

Plenary Talk, University of Stellenbosch, to launch Limits to Liberation after Apartheid (ed. Steven Robins, 2005)

“Grand Lecture,” University of Vienna

Keynote Lecture, Conference on Law and Governance, Max Planck Institute, Halle

Keynote Address, International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Inter-Congress, South Africa

2007               Received the Anders Retzius Gold Medal from the Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography, presented by the King of Sweden

Opening Lecture, Vega Day Scientific Symposium, Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography, Stockholm

Inaugural Lecture, Inter-Faculty Seminar in Social Dynamics, North West University South Africa

Keynote Lecture, Annual Meeting of the American Ethnological Society, Toronto

Keynote Lecture, Workshop on Law, Culture and Society, National Tsing- hua University, Taiwan

Keynote Address, Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association of Israel

Keynote Address, “Selves, Histories and Media: Engaging the Anthropolo- gy of Tania Forte,” Ben Gurion University, Israel

Public Lecture, University of Zurich, Interdisziplinäre Veranstungsreihe on “Border Crossings in a Globalizing World”

Inaugural Lecture, Workshop on Living Customary Law, University of Cape Town Law School


2008               Jensen Memorial Lecture, “The End of Anthropology, Again: Toward a New In/Discipline.” Frobenius Institute, Johann Wolfgang Goethe- Universität Frankfurt Am Main

Harry J. Kalven, Jr. Prize, Law and Society Association [with J. Comaroff]

Keynote Address, “Nations With/out Borders: Neoliberalism and the Problem of Belonging in Africa, and Beyond,” Conference on Globalization Governance, Shifting Sovereignties, University of Wisconsin [with Jean Comaroff]

2009               Mellon Learning Associate, Bates College

Public Conversation with Justice Yvonne Mokgoro (Constitutional Court of South Africa) on “Law, Liberalism, and Ubuntu Jurisprudence in South Africa,” John Hope Franklin Center, Duke University

Baldy Center, University at Buffalo (SUNY), “Theorists and Jurists”


[with J. Comaroff] National Science Foundation Grant, SE S-0848647,

Ethnicity, Inc.


2010               Distinguished Speaker Series, Monmouth University Distinguished Anthropology Lecture, University of Texas (Austin)

Guest Scholar, Swiss Graduate Program in Anthropology, 2010, Bern Fellow, Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies (South Africa), August

Keynote Address, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), “Divination, Detection, and the Problem of Sovereignty in Post-Colonial Contexts.”

Public Conversation on the Work of John and Jean Comaroff, Litteraturhuset, Oslo

Eric Wolf Memorial Lecture, “History and the People Beyond Europe,” Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

Public Lecture, “Theory from the South,” Berliner Institutskolloquium,

Decentering Europe, Humboldt University, Berlin

International Panel convened to discuss Ethnicity, Inc. at the Internationa-


les Forschungszentrum Kultuwissenschaften (IFK), Vienna

Public Lecture, “Detective Fictions: Further Adventures in Policing the Postcolony,” Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

2011               Public Lecture, “Ethnicity Inc.: Further Thoughts,” University of Florida

Opening Keynote Lecture, World University Network Conference on The Politics of Culture, “The Uses and Abuses of Culture:,,,,” University of Cape Town, 21 July 2011

Public Lecture, Universidad Nacional de San Martin, Buenos Aires, “Criminal Accounting: Quantifacts and the Production of the Un/Real,” 16 August 2011

Opening Lecture, The Graduate Institute, Geneva, “Theory from the South: Further Thoughts,” 22 September 2011

Entry in Fifty Key Anthropologists, (eds.) Robert Gordon, Andrew P. Lyons, and Harriet D. Lyons (London ; New York : Routledge)

Theory from the South: Or, How Euro-America is Evolving Toward Africa (Paradigm Publishers, 2011) designated as an Outstanding Academic Book for 2011 by Choice Magazine

Theory from the South: Or, How Euro-America is Evolving Toward Africa (Paradigm Publishers, 2011) designated as an Outstanding Academic Title, Social and Behavioral Sciences for 2011 by Eastern Book Company

Plenary Author meets Critics Panel on Theory from the South: Or, How Euro-America is Evolving Toward Africa, American Anthropology Association Meetings, Montreal, 19 November 2011

2012               University of Sydney: Public Lecture in Sydney Ideas Series, “Reflections on Cultural Identity: Ethnicity, Intellectual Property, and the Commodifica- tion of Collective Being, 9 May 2012.

University of Southern California, Tenth Annual Law and Humanities Dis- tinguished Lecture, “Divine Detection: Crime and the Metaphysics of Disorder.”

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Interdisciplinary Studies Institute, Inaugural Lecture, “Theory from the South, Revisited.”


2013               University of Cape Town Law School, Rabinowitz Visiting Lecture, “The Return of Khulekani Khumalo, Zombie Captive: Identity, Law, and the Paradoxes of Personhood in South Africa.”

University of California, Berkeley, Center for the Study of Law and Society, Special Lecture, “The Return of Khulekani Khumalo, Zombie Captive: Identity, Law, and the Paradoxes of Personhood in South Africa.”

Boston University, 21st Annual Graduate Student Conference, Keynote Lecture, “Reflections on the Present and Future of African Studies.”

2013-14         Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, Illinois Wesleyan University, Hofstra University, Ripon College, Butler University, Hendrix College, Hamline University, Carleton College, Trinity College, Birmingham-Southern College.

2014               Institut de Sociologie, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Workshop on the Work of Jean and John Comaroff, “Theorizing the Social World from Africa.”

El Colegio de México, “Imposture, Law, and Personhood in South Africa.”

Institute of Philosophical Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Time and Politics Seminar, “The Return of Khulekani Khumalo, Zombie Captive: Identity, Law, and the Paradoxes of Personhood in South Africa.”

2015               SSRC Workshop, “Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa,” Cape Town, Plenary Lecture, “Unscrewing the Inscrutable, or How to Make Sense of Identity in South Africa: an exercise in method and theory.”

Stanley Trapido Seminar, University of the Free State, South Africa: “Imposture, Law, and Personhood in South Africa.”

Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California, Berkeley, “Conversations in Law and Society: a filmed interview with John and Jean Comaroff.”

Visiting Scholar Lecture, The Phi Beta Kappa Society, 44th Triennial Council, Denver, “Ethnicity Inc. Revisited.”

2016               Keynote Roundtable, Law and Society Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, “Law and Disorder in the Postcolony: Celebrating Ten Years in Print and Practice.”


Keynote Participant, Opening Symposium, 10th Anniversary of the Chicago Center for Critical Theory, University of Chicago, established by Jean and John Comaroff.

Keynote Lecture, Maurice Halbwachs Summer Institute, George-August- Universität Göttingen, Crime, Dis/Order, Narration [on Jean and John Comaroff’s The Truth About Crime: Knowledge, Sovereignty, Social Order (2016)], “The Return of Khulekani Khumalo, zombie captive: on imposture, personhood, and the law in South Africa.

Opening Lecture, Workshop on Médiation et Conciliation: nouvelles figures, nouveaux défis, Centre Jacques-Berque [études en sciences humaines st socialest], Rabat, Morocco, “Courting History: lawfare, reconciliation, and the forensic production of the future.”

William Fagg Annual Lecture, British Museum,“Personhood, Law, and the Aesthetics of Personhood in South Africa.”

2017               Public Discussion, University of California, Irvine, “Reading The Truth about Crime.”

University of Bologna, “Crime, Sovereignty, and the State: the metaphysics of global dis/order.”

University of Stellenbosch, Mellon Foundation Indexing the Human Seminar Series, panel discussion on The Truth about Crime: Knowledge, Sovereignty, Social Order, Jean and John Comaroff.

Hamburg University, “Out of the Dark,” im Rahmen der Lecture Series, “The Truth about Crime: knowledge, sovereignty, social order.”

Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, DC, Colombia, “Thinking about Law and Violence in the Colombian Post-Conflict, with Jean and John Comaroff,” a conference and public lecture.

Centre for Advanced Study, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Invited Research Fellow; public lecture, “Conflict and Dis/order among Tswana in Colonial and Postcolonial South Africa,”

2018               Oxford University, Oxford Centre for Global History, “Crime, Sovereignty and the State: On the Metaphysics of Disorder.”

New School for Social Research, Institute for Critical Social Inquiry, “Theory from the South, Revisited.”


University of Leipzig, “Reflections on the Metaphysics of Global Disorder: Criminal Obsessions.”

Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, University of Stellenbosch, “After Mandela: Citizenship, Generation, Historical Time.”

Williams College, W. Ford Schumann ‘50 Program in Democratic Studies, Lecture, “Crime, Sovereignty and the State: Democracy and the Metaphysics of Disorder.”

2019               Academia Sinica, Institute of Ethnology, Taipei, Lih Yih-yuan Memorial Lecture, “After Labor: On the Future of Work.”

J.Y. Pillay Lecture, Yale-NUS, Singapore, “After Labor.”

2020               University of Torino, Lectio Magistralis, “After Labor: Further Thoughts on Theory from the South.

Lectures and papers have also been presented at the following universities, colleges, and institutions:

Argentina:     Universidad de San Martin Australia:       University of Sydney

Austria:          Austrian Academy of Sciences, University of Vienna, Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften

Belgium:        Université Libre de Bruxelles Brazil:                        University of Saõ Paulo

Canada:         University of Calgary, University of Toronto, York University Colombia:      Universidad del Rosario, Universidad de los Andes

Denmark:       Roskilde University, University of Copenhagen, University of Aarhus

France:          École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

Germany:       Ruprecht-Karls-Universität (Heidelberg), Universität Bayeuth, Universität Koeln (Cologne), Freie Universität (Berlin), Humboldt Universität (Berlin); Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt Am Main; George-August-Universität Göttingen; Universität Hamburg, Universität Leipzig, Universität Mainz, Max Planck


Institute (Halle), Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (Halle) Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hungary:       Central European University

Israel/             Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Haifa University, the Hebrew Palestine:     University, Tel Aviv University, Muwatin Palestine Institute for the

Study of Democracy, Van Leer Institute, Israeli Association of Anthropology

Italy:                University of Bologna, University of Milano Bicocca, University of Torino

Mexico:          National Autonomous University of Mexico; El Colegio de México; University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC)

Morocco:        Centre Jacques-Berque (études en sciences humaines et sociales, Rabat)

Netherlands: University of Amsterdam, University of Leiden, University of Rotter- dam

Norway: University of Bergen, University of Oslo, Oslo University College, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Centre for Advanced Study (Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters)

Russia:          Russian Academy of Sciences (formerly Academy of Sciences of the USSR); Kazan State University; Institute of History, Tartarstan Academy of Sciences

Singapore:    National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Yale-National University of Singapore [YNUS]

Spain:            University of La Coruña; International Institute for the Sociology of Law (Oñati); Centre de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona

Sweden:        Swedish Society of Anthropology and Geography

Switzerland: University of Basel, University of Berne, University of Neuchâtel, University of Zurich, The Graduate Center (Geneva)

Taiwan:    National Tsinghua University, National Taiwan University, Acade- mia Sinica


Turkey:           Sabanci University

U.K.:               British Museum, University of Cambridge, Edinburgh University, London School of Economics, Queens University (Belfast), School of Oriental and African Studies, St. Andrews University, University College (London), University of Manchester, Oxford University, University of Reading, University of Sussex, University of Wales, York University

U.S.A.:            Amherst College, Arizona State University, Barnard College, Bos- ton University, Bates College, Birmingham-Southern University, Bowdoin College, Brown University, Bryn Mawr, Butler University, California Institute of Technology, University of California (Berke- ley), University of California (Irvine), University of California (Los Angeles), University of California (Riverside), University of Califor- nia (San Diego), University of California (Santa Barbara), University of California (Santa Cruz), Carleton College, University of Colo- rado, Colby College, Columbia University, Cornell University, Duke University, Emory University, University of Florida, Goucher College, Hamline University, Harvard University, Haverford College, Hendrix College, Hofstra University, University of Illinois (Urbana- Champaign), Illinois Wesleyan University, Indiana University, University of Massachusetts (Amherst), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Miami, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of New Mexico, Monmouth University, New School University, City University of New York, New York Law School, New York University, University of North Carolina, North- western University, University of Pennsylvania, Phi Beta Kappa Society. University of Pittsburgh, Pitzer College, Princeton University, Ripon College, University of Southern California, South- western University, Stanford University, Temple University, University of Texas, Trinity College, Tulane University, University at Buffalo (SUNY), University of Washington, Wellesley College, University of Western Michigan, Williams College, University of Wisconsin, Wheaton College, Yale University

Africa:             University of Cape Town, University of the Free State, University of Natal, University of the North West, University of Pretoria, University of Potchefstroom, Rhodes University, University of Stellenbosch, University of the Western Cape, University of the Witwatersrand, CODESRIA (Dakar)


Field Research


1969-70         Research on society and culture, politics and law, among the Barolong


boo Ratshidi (Tswana) of the South Africa-Botswana borderland (19 months)

1972-3            Supplementary research on society and culture, and preparation for filming Heal the Whole Man, among the Barolong boo Ratshidi, Mafeking District, South Africa (3 months)

1974-5            Research on the social and cultural dimensions of economic “development” among the Barolong of Botswana (15 months)

1977-8            Research on the rise of agrarian capitalism among the Barolong of Botswana (3 months)

1990-8            Summer research visits to Bophuthatswana (now the North West Province) and elsewhere in South Africa

1999-2001     Research on occult-related violence in the North West Province, South Africa (15 months)

2002-2015     Summer research on Crime and Policing in the North West Province, South Africa

2005-2010     Summer research on the commodification of ethnic identity and cultural property among Tswana and San peoples, South Africa

2013-2019     Summer research on imposture, personhood, and the law in KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa: the case of Khulekani Khumalo


Committees, Boards, and Memberships


1972– Fellow, Royal Anthropological Institute, UK
1972– Member, African Studies Association, UK
1973– Fellow, International African Institute, UK
1973– Member, Association of Social Anthropologists, UK
1974– Fellow, American Anthropological Association
1976-8 Executive Committee, Association of Social Anthropologists, UK
1976-8 Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Southern African Studies
1978– Member, African Studies Association, USA
1980-4 Member, Editorial Board, Annual Review of Anthropology
1983 Member, Fulbright-Hayes panel (Africa)
1984-8 Consulting Editor, Africa
1984– Member, Association of Political and Legal Anthropology
1985-9 Member, Editorial Board, American Ethnologist
1988-91 Member, Editorial Board, Law and Social Inquiry


1988-97 Member, Editorial Board, International African Library, International
African Institute
1988-90 Member, Editorial Board, Wilder House Series in Politics, History and
1988-94 Member, Editorial Board, Law and Society Review
1988-92 Member, Board of University Publications, University of Chicago Press
1988– Editor [with P. Bourdieu and M. Bloch], Critical Essays in Anthropology,
Westview Press
1989-92 Member, Committee on Contributions of Behavioral and Social Sciences
to the Prevention of Nuclear War, National Research Council [later
renamed Committee on International Cooperation and Conflict]
1989-91 Member, Executive Board, Association of Political and Legal Anthropology
1989 Member, Review Committee, Department of Anthropology, University of
North Carolina
1989-92 Member, Editorial Board, Man
1991-95 Member, Editorial Board, Cultural Anthropology
1991-97 Member, Editorial Board, Actes de la recherche en science sociales
1991-6 Member, Editorial Board, Cahiers d’etudes africaines
1991 Chair, Review Committee, Department of Anthropology, Cornell University
1991-2 Chair, Board of University Publications, University of Chicago Press
1993-95 Member, Committee on Democracy and States in Transition, National
Research Council/National Academy of Sciences
1994- Member, Advisory Committee, Alexander Meikeljohn Institute for Legal
Studies, Amherst College
1994 Member, Review Committee, Department of Sociology and Anthropology,
Carleton College
1994-5 President-Elect, Association of Political and Legal Anthropology
1995-7 President, Association of Political and Legal Anthropology
1996- Associate Editor, Law and Social Inquiry
1997-9 Chair, Board of University Publications, University of Chicago Press
1997- Editorial Associate, Journal of Anthropological Research
1998 Member, Review Committee, Department of Anthropology, University of
New Mexico
1998-2001 Member, Editorial Board, American Ethnologist
1999- Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Hagar: International Social Science
2000 Member, Review Committee, Department of Social Anthropology,
University of Cape Town
2000-6 Member, Committee on Conflict and Reconstruction in Multiethnic
Societies/National Research Council
2000- Member, College of Reviewers, Canada Research Chairs Program,
SSHRC Canada
2000- Member, Executive Board, Society for Comparative Research, Yale


2003-              Member, Editorial Board, Critical Inquiry

2003               Member, Review Committee, Department of Anthropology, University of Pretoria (South Africa)

2004-              Co-founder and Member of Executive Board of the Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory

2004-6            Member, Steering Committee for Franke Humanities Institute (University of Chicago) project on New Perspectives on the Disciplines: Comparative Studies in Higher Education, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

2005               Participant, National Science Foundation Workshop on Interdisciplinary Standards for Systematic Qualitative Research

2007-12         Member, Editorial Board, Annual Review of Law and Social Science

2007-12         Member, International Review Board, Max Planck Institute for Social Anth- ropology, Halle

Member, International Advisory Board of Social Dynamics

2008-11         Member, Board of Directors, Human Rights Program, University of Chicago

Associated Scholar, Center on Law and Globalization, American Bar Foundation and the University of Illinois College of Law

2008-20         Member, Editorial Board of Afrika Spectrum

2009               Member, International Review Panel, University of Kuwait

2010-11         Patron, Organisation of Intra-Cultural Development ( 2014-                        Member, Rule of Law Research Consortium

2014-              Member, Editorial Board, Anthropology Southern Africa

2014-              Member, Editorial Board, Critical Historical Studies

2014-5            Member, Advisory Committee, Mellon Foundation Project, “Indexing the Human,” University of Stellenbosch

2014-              Member, Advisory Board, Social Transformations: Journal of the Global South

2015-              Member, Editorial Board, Thinking Africa Book Series, University of KwaZulu-Natal Press

2015-              Member, Executive and Steering Committees, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University

2017-              Member, Advisory Board, “Simulation Rooms: Political Order in the Artificial City” [Research Initiative], Centre Marc Bloch, Humboldt University, Berlin

2019-              Member, Advisory Board, Institute for Critical Social Inquiry, New School for Social Research

2021-              Member of Advisory Board of the Global Partnership Network, University of Kassel, a Center of Excellence on Exchange and Development (EXCEED) funded by the German Ministry of Development




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