Harvard objects to motion to unseal Title IX documents

Will respond to amended complaint by end of July

Cambridge – Harvard lawyers asked a federal court judge on Tuesday not to unseal, with redactions, certain documents related to a Title IX complaint, arguing that to do so would reveal sensitive information about third parties, identify individuals and subject them to possible retaliation, discourage parties and witnesses from cooperating with Harvard’s Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR), and waste court resources.  Harvard called the plaintiffs’ proposed redactions “one-sided” and added: “For example, the redactions plaintiffs propose to ODR’s notes of its interview with Kilburn’s therapist include information containing information that is clearly not confidential, but which might undermine Kilburn’s credibility.”

For more information, read the motions here:

Defendant’s Opposition To Plaintiff’s Motion For Leave To File Redacted Versions of Sealed Exhibits Filed in Support of Harvard’s Motion to Dismiss and For Partial Summary Judgment

Defendant’s Assented-To-Motion To Amend Scheduling Order